I am Daniella Gonzalez, 32 years old (2023), mother and wife with a Bachelors Degree in Finance. I am a Mexican American who was born in the USA but grew up in Mexico until 11 years old, and have been living in South SOUTH Texas ever since. People in the middle of Tx like to think they are the "South Texas" probably because they don't realize there are people in the actual south, about 10 min from the Mexican border, south. That's where we are at. We love living here because we get the best of both worlds. We get to eat real tacos every now and then but also have the Whataburger's and Chick fil a's.

I graduated at 22 years old and have been working non-stop on different jobs and roles since I was 17. I did this hoping that starting my career earlier would have a better impact in my long term goals. Also, I am not very good at asking for anything so I really needed to start making my own money because dressing pretty is expensive (specially back in 2010 when we were wearing 3 undershirts and old navy sandals with torn jeans...the struggle was real) and I didn't want to ask my parents for money.

I started my small business in 2016, as a VERY SMALL business selling one item, can you guess which one?. The business has been slowly growing ever since. I got married 3 years later (to the love of my life) and he has become my biggest supporter, my coworker, my shipping department and sometimes my customer service rep (I can't do it all myself). In 2021 while still in the middle of a pandemic, I decided I would leave my 8-5 job in which I had been growing in since 2015. The reason? to focus on my business full time. Not because it were at that point to get me out of my job, but because I realized I have the courage and drive to grow it enough to one day, employ people myself. 

On 2/22/22 at 2:22 our lucky number baby boy was born. Bringing with him a whole lot more drive, motivation, happiness, smiles and work to our lives. He keeps us grounded, going and focused because this dream isn't only for us two anymore.

Now there are three of us, but we remain as ONE LOVE.

I appreciate you being here, I appreciate your support, I appreciate you appreciating what we do. I promise, I drink my cup of coffee every morning happy to be doing what I do and it is all thanks to you.